When You’re Expecting: Your Practical Guide to Pregnancy and Birth

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So your family is growing – congratulations! Whether this is your first child or not, having a baby will change your life in new and unexpected ways. You might be feeling a little overwhelmed right now, but that’s okay: there’s a lot going on with you and your baby, and it’s only natural to have questions.

That is why we created When You’re Expecting: A Pregnancy and Birth Guide. We wanted you to have access to the information, facts and resources you might need, when you need them. We hope that every family experiences smooth sailing when it comes to the labor and delivery of their children, but we know that for some families, crisis and heartbreak could strike at any time.

In our guide, you’ll find helpful information about the beginning stage of pregnancy, dietary suggestions specifically for when you are pregnant, testing procedures and so much more. You’ll also find medical facts and figures about the potential risks of a birth injury, and resources you can use if your child is born with a medical condition or injury. We want you and other parents like you to have the tools you need, and to be educated about what the future might hold. That will help you make informed, important decisions about your baby and your family’s future.

Birth and information to prevent birth injuries

Learn more about labor, delivery and the causes of birth injuries

The information provided on the following pages will provide information from the first day you discover you are pregnant, until you bring your baby home from the hospital.

While the hope is you never need to learn more about the complications of labor and delivery, information and knowledge of these conditions can allow you to be proactive in your role as a patient, and avoid birth injury before it occurs.

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